Minor (and I mean minor) burns

Dealing with minor burns

This will no doubt be one of many posts on burns – but thought it worth doing as there have been a few in the family recently (mainly caused by boiling water). So this is a quick post about minor burns (ie – red, no blistering or black areas in the burn).

I have no doubt you are a good parent so I won’t go on about the sensibleness of keeping hot things away from toddlers. We all know that occasionally the blighters (treasures) break through our safety systems and get into trouble – so remember these rules:

  1. Never ever, ever never, ever, ever put cream or butter or lard on the burn – this is a big NO NO. Why? They can actually make the burn worse. You want to get the heat away from the injury – not trap it with a cream.
  2. The ONLY things that you are allowed to put on a burn: WATER or specific first aid burn gel. Water is better. Use water if you possibly can.
  3. Keep the burn under the water for 10 minutes. This is actually hard to do as they (the child in question) will start to complain after 30 seconds and we all think that the burn is better after 2 minutes – but keep it there for 10 minutes.

So there you go – simple rules for minor burns.

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