Minor (and I mean minor) burns

Dealing with minor burns

This will no doubt be one of many posts on burns – but thought it worth doing as there have been a few in the family recently (mainly caused by boiling water). So this is a quick post about minor burns (ie – red, no blistering or black areas in the burn).

I have no doubt you are a good parent so I won’t go on about the sensibleness of keeping hot things away from toddlers. We all know that occasionally the blighters (treasures) break through our safety systems and get into trouble – so remember these rules:

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Stopping a nosebleed

We had an interesting Christmas this year! Full of bugs and germs for most of us. One of the most memorable things though was being woken at 3.30 am a few nights ago by my youngest – our daughter, Zoe. I went into her room and gave her a cuddle. She had been waking up every night over the holidays as she had a cough and cold. I just assumed this was the reason she woke this time.

This time, though, she had the sniffles. I didn’t think anything of it as she told me that she “has got bogies”. I got some tissue and wiped her nose then lay on the bed as she went back to sleep. She kept sniffling though, more and more. I picked up the tissue and in the quite dark room noticed (only just mind you) the different colours on the tissue. It was blood.

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Why I’ve started this blog

family on the couch

Chances are, you don’t know who I am – my name is Matt Edmundson, and I live in the UK. Liverpool to be precise.

I am a husband and father. I have three amazing kids – all very important to me. I realised as a parent, though, I knew almost nothing about first-aid. If something happened – I would not know what to do, it was that simple.

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