What gear to take on your family walk

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Being the kind of guy that I am (passionate about gadgets and first aid), I have to make sure that my walking bag has all the right gear in, just in case! My wife laughs at me with all the “things” I put in my bag now (before my first aid training there was nothing in there apart from waterproofs).

What to carry in your bag when walking with your family

In my bag, I carry:

  • whistle
  • thermal blanket (foil type)
  • Lifeventure Trek Towel (small and very absorbent)
  • first aid kit (of course):
  • wipes
  • saline (to wash out eyes)
  • Suncream
  • chocolate/dextrose
  • knife
  • fire starter
  • head tourch
  • bivvy bag.

It adds a few pounds to the weight of the bag and with the exception of the chocolate and penknife – I hope that I never need to use them.

Carry lots of drink

I also have a Platypus 2L water bag (and the kids have the 1L in their bags – they are just fantastic) and a flask with hot drink (I have a Sigg thermos flask and it is brilliant!) if the weather could be cold (usually hot Ribena as I love it!). The kids also have a small 300ml flask each. We all have water proof clothing with us as well as gloves and hats if it will be cold.

Stay warm / cool

My advice is also wear lots of layers so you can easily control your body temperature. It is better to have layers that you can add or remove rather than large bulky items that mean you either really hot or really cold.

I also have layers for the kids too (not just me) as it is especially important for them as they find it harder to control their body temperature. Spare layers go in our kit bags.


Oh – and did I mention suncream! You’ll need. Lot’s of it. Apply it regularly. Factor 50, especially on kids, and especially if you are walking at any altitude.

Where to get the gear

My favourite online site for all this stuff is webtogs – good prices, free delivery and great customer service (even through Twitter!). Have a look at their site – and contact them if you have questions – I know that they’ll be happy to help.

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