When to call 999

ambulance rushing through the streets

(Photo courtesy of Benjamin Ellis)

Had a great time today doing some advanced first aid training with the British Red Cross. One of the teachers was a paramedic called Steve Evans who has kindly given a lot of stuff for us to use on this site. Scrolling through his stuff – this one caught my eye:

When to call 999

  • When a Child is unconscious no matter the cause
  • When a Child is fitting
  • When a Child has breathing problems
  • When a Child is wheezing
  • When you suspect Meningitis
  • When a Child has a Big Bleed
  • When there is no pulse below the fracture/dislocation
  • When you are concerned

The golden rule rule is – if in doubt, call them!

About Steve Evans

Steve Evans began as an ambulanceman in 1971. Based in Runcorn, he works for Mersey Regional Ambulance Service NHS Trust as a community paramedic. He is also a founder of RedeemerAid UK, a registered UK Charity, and also promotes a campaign called Don’t Walk Away which raises awareness and teaches youngsters about the dangers of alcohol and what they should do in an emergency situation

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