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Chances are, you don’t know who I am – my name is Matt Edmundson, and I live in the UK. Liverpool to be precise.

I am a husband and father. I have three amazing kids – all very important to me. I realised as a parent, though, I knew almost nothing about first-aid. If something happened – I would not know what to do, it was that simple.

So, last year – through a company that I run, I had the opportunity to do a first-aid at work course with the British Red Cross. I jumped at it primarily because I was a parent (I never once thought I should do this to fulfil the oh so exciting laws of Health & Safety), and I wanted to know how to handle things my kids would inevitably fall into – the burns, cuts and scraps. Hopefully we’ll avoid the broken bones and other stuff (like CPR) – but like any good boy scout, I believe it pays to be prepared.

The course was great, 4 days of real and practical first aid information. I felt happier, much happier knowing at least the basics.

For me though – it didn’t stop there. I had to know more, but more importantly – I had to practice otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered half of it. So I signed up with the British Red Cross as a volunteer. And since signing up – I have completed a lot more training (including the essential Child CPR). I am still with the BRC and still go on duties (I’ll blog more about this in the future I am sure).

I feel a lot more confident as a parent in knowing what I do. A big thanks to the British Red Cross. They are amazing with what they do (and their vision). It’s great to be a part of the volunteer group there.

So – back to the reason that I am doing this blog – simple. I don’t believe that as parents, we know enough. Every parent I speak to wants to know more about basic first aid – to feel more empowered (I don’t like using that word, but can’t think of a better one). So I thought that I’d share some of the info that I know with you on the blog, and if I can manage it – I’ll get a few of my doctor friends to add some stuff too. Let’s see where it takes us!

Happy new year, and happy parenting!

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